The school board failed to reach a decision on a package of policy updates. The policy that caused them to founder was a policy labeled INB. Part of the policy’s purpose was to deal with teaching controversial topics. One paragraph that seemed to be a major source of heartburn for some of them was a paragraph that prohibits teachers from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity. The paragraph reads: In addition, teachers shall not engage in discussions with students about sexual orientation or gender identity. “Sexual orientation” is defined as an individual’s physical, romantic, and/or emotional attraction to people of the same and/or different gender. “Gender identity” is defined as an individual’s personal conception of their gender.

District 5 school board member Georgia Hairston wanted INB to be removed from the package of policy updates for further discussion and revision. However, District 4 school board member Marcus Hill had already made a motion to approve the entire package and was unwilling to withdraw his motion. Hill felt the policy does not prohibit discussions as part of an approved course.