Just a little after midnight on Sept. 21, Aaron Collins was walking on U. S. Route 460 when he was struck and killed by what state police believe was a BMW Series Wagon near Owens Market. The vehicle was west-bound. The driver left the scene of the accident and state police are still looking for him. They will continue looking for him until they find him as there is no statute of limitations on a fatality hit and run.

The accident was caught on video from a surveillance camera at Owens Market. Trooper Kenneth Jamison, the trooper investigating the accident, had asked Owens Market if they had surveillance camera video and found the video of the accident. The problem state police are having is that the rear license plate is completely washed out in the video. The license plate numbers can’t be read, nor can the tell what state it is from.

They can tell from the video that it is a BMW Series Wagon from the 2004 to 2007 model years and that it is dark colored. They also found pieces of the bumper at the scene.

Additional video shows a man with a slight build and shoulder length hair between the ages of 20 and 30 get out of what state police believe is the vehicle that hit Collins and look at the driver-side bumper. He then changed the left front tire, got back in the vehicle and drove off.

If anyone has any information, Jamison said they can call (804) 674-2000. Callers may remain anonymous. They may also e-mail information to questions@vsp.virginia.gov. Using e-mail is not anonymous. Sergeant Rick Garletts said people may also call (800) 542-5959. Callers to this number may remain anonymous.