The voters have spoken. While large numbers of the Republican base seem to be in love with former president Donald Trump, most voters can’t stand him.

Even when he isn’t on the ballot, he sucks the wind out of Republicans’ sails.

Trump got involved with the midterm election in a big way. He got Trump loyalists on the ballot in many elections. In some cases, like Mehmet Oz, in Pennsylvania, they had issues and they lost. In other cases, Trump got them nominated and then abandoned them. A Trump candidate in Ohio won but only because a PAC directed by Mitch McConnell pumped a very large amount of money into his campaign. The candidate had only managed to raise $12 million himself and Trump’s Make America Pathetic (or whatever it is called) PAC was extremely stingy with him.

Most other Trump candidates lost and one thing they seemed to have in common is that the only thing they had going for them, which got them nominated, is that they were very vigorously kissing Trump’s behind.

Joe is telling people the “Democrats” didn’t get flushed out of office on a large scale because the American people like his policies. No, Joe, the American people don’t like your policies. What they did was reject the Trump sycophants that Republicans foolishly nominated.

If Republicans want to understand what turned a potential red wave into a red ripple, they have to look no farther than Donald Trump. He lost Congress to “Democrats” in 2018. He got a senile old fool elected president in 2020. Now, a combination of his colossal ego and vindictiveness snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by botching a great opportunity for Republicans to take control of both houses of Congress.

Trump can still do the Republican Party dirt. The creep still wants to run for president again. Republicans have a few good men who could beat senile old Joe in 2024. Ron DeSantis, of Florida, scored a solid reelection win last week. He has accumulated a good conservative track record and stood up to the Chicken Littles during the corona virus panic.

Then there is Mike Pence, former vice president under Trump. He is a good solid conservative who stood up to Trump on Jan. 6, 2021 and did what he was Constitutionally obligated to do. He did his duty in spite of being pressured by Trump to do something illegal.

Finally, there is our governor Glenn Youngkin. Youngkin, another good conservative, has done a great job as governor. His victory over former Governor Terry McAwful, shows he is a winner.

Any of these three men could evict Joe from the White House. But the Republican base will have to drop it’s infatuation with Trump and nominate one of them. If they nominate Trump in 2024, they will lose the presidential election. It should be noted that there is no guarantee that senile old Joe will be the “Democrat” that Trump will run against. “Democrats” may give him the heave-ho and select a much younger nominee who, like Comrade Saunders and Pocahontas, is a left-wing extremist but can partially hide his extremism from voters long enough to get elected.

Locally, Republicans did well, but they were incumbents. Voters thought Bob Good has done a good job and sent him back to Congress for another term. Meanwhile, conservative Bedford County was good to Morgan Griffith. Redistricting put a large chunk of Bedford County into his 9th Congressional District, while he lost a big chunk of territory that had voted for him in the past. It didn’t matter. Griffith did a good job of introducing himself to his new constituents and they liked what they saw.