As things now stand, it looks like “Democrats” will nominate Joe next year.

Although he is an unpopular president, his approval rating has been stuck at 46% for a long time and has been lower in the past 12 months, “Democrats” mostly love him. This goes to reinforce my opinion that “Democrats,” for the most part, aren’t exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Republicans, on the other hand, loathe him. At best they think he is a senile old fool. A lot think that he and his son, Hunter, are both a couple of crooks. Republicans also think they have an issue with the classified documents that have turned up in office space he has at a think tank and in his Delaware house. One box was in his garage (!!). Half a dozen others have turned up elsewhere in the house. Where were they? Stuffed in the junk drawer in the kitchen? In the bathroom next to the toilet? Nobody has said. The documents date from when Joe was vice president. Nobody has said why they were not turned over to the National Archive when he left office. I’ve read that his packing at the end of his term was last minute and chaotic, so it’s possible he didn’t know they were there. Joe probably doesn’t know where a lot of things are, like his own location at times. Attorney General Garland Merrick has appointed a special counsel named Robert Hur to get to the bottom of it. When I read of the appointment, the first thing I wondered is if he has a brother named Ben. Anyway, classified documents from the vice president’s office stored in non-secure locations is a serious matter. The vice president, like the president, receives some documents that have high security classifications. This documents, while several years old, could reveal methods that we still don’t want the Russians or Chinese to know about. Nobody has publicly said, and shouldn’t say, what they are. Most likely Ivan Russkiy or Sun Wang Fang didn’t get a look at them, but classified documents in non-secure storage, represent a security risk. Even if nothing comes of this, Joe’s low approval ratings means that most people, who are not “Democrats,” don’t think much of his performance as president. His competence has been called into question by seriously stupid things he’s done like the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle and the crisis he has allowed to build at our southern border.

Assuming the Republicans don’t commit political suicide by nominating Donald Trump, Joe’s low approval will be a problem for “Democrats” in the election. Most voters are neither “Democrats” or Republicans. While a few misguided souls are Libertarians, most of the political neither nors don’t belong to any party, although they may lean toward one or another.

These are the people that the “Democrats” will have to convince to give Joe another four years. It may be a though sell. Meanwhile, House Republicans seem to be giving “Democrats” an opportunity to, with the help of the media, make Republicans look bad. They have decided to hold raising the federal debt ceiling hostage to making budget cuts. Our federal debt is a contractual obligation. The government must meet its debt service obligations. Joe and Senate “Democrats” seem to be calling their bluff, stating that they are not going to link budget cuts with raising the debt ceiling. They seem to be daring Republicans to force a federal default on its debt obligations. They are probably guessing that it won’t come to that. House Republicans will end up voting to raise the debt ceiling, without spending cuts, and the “Democrats” will be able, with the aide f the press, to make Republicans look like fools.