HILLSVILLE — The Carroll County Board of Supervisors on Monday night voted unanimously to suspend motor vehicle licensing fees for the 2022 collection year, as a means of providing financial relieve to local citizens.

During a public hearing at the Sept. 12 board meeting, County Attorney Steve Durbin spoke to clarify the proposal to suspend the fees, which was recommended by County Administrator Michael Watson during the board’s previous meeting in August.

The board’s action on Sept. 12 comes as the second round of tax and financial relief this quarter, following the supervisors’ August decision to decrease personal property taxes for certain vehicle classes.

“As the board is aware, typically license fees are collected in advance of the year in which the license applies, but due inflation and the unprecedented market with regard to used cars mostly and automobiles generally, the county was looking for ways to give some of the increased tax money back to the citizens,” Durbin explained Monday night.

“At the last meeting, the board adopted as an emergency ordinance an amendment to the county’s license fee legislation that would basically amount to a one-year pause in the collection of the $25 license fee,” he said.

Durbin further explained that, according to details from the emergency ordinance, rather than being collected in advance the way it has been done for many years, vehicle license fees moving forward will be collected the same year they are due. “Beginning with the 2023 license year, it would be collected on Dec. 5, 2023, instead of Dec. 5, 2022, basically giving each owner of a vehicle one year where that license fee would not be paid. So, there would be no license fee collected in December 2022.”

He told supervisors that the draft ordinance they had before them that night “is essentially the same thing they adopted in August, but “instead of being an emergency measure, it is a permanent measure.”

Durbin noted one key measure defined in the newly proposed ordinance, which said that, “in order to avoid undue delay in assessment and enforcement of local taxes, and now having duly advertised the matter in accordance with Virginia Code Section 15.2-1427 (F), the board wishes to take further action to keep the aforementioned emergency legislation in full force and effect.”

As explained, “You’d be changing the collection date for the license fee for 2023, and then for every December thereafter you’d be collecting the license fee for that year.”

Hearing no further comments from citizens or questions from supervisors, Board Chairman Tracy Moore called for a motion to take action on the proposal. Supervisor At-Large Robbie McCraw presented the motion, which was seconded by Pipers Gap District Supervisor and Finance Committee member Joey Dickson. The motion passed by unanimous vote.