Rosenwald-Felts is worth preserving

The article in the Nov. 18 issue of The Gazette regarding the status of the Rosenwald-Felts building brought back many fond memories of my time in Galax.

From August of 1973 through December of 1983, I had the privilege to serve as principal of Galax Elementary School. For the first few years of my tenure, Rosenwald-Felts was the home to our kindergarten program.

Reading the comments and reflections of Mayor Greene, Chauncey Robinson, Verl Brown, Dionne Tucker and Tracy Tucker Owens was an important reminder of how the teachers and staff of that school impacted the lives of the students, parents and community it served.

As efforts continue to design a fitting way to memorialize the educational and historic importance of Rosenwald-Felts, encourage one another to remember that it was the foundation upon which many of the hopes and aspirations of the students, parents and community were built.

My best wishes as this most important work proceeds.

Anthony J. Oliveira